• Fruit & Veggie Life Extender

    Foam Fridge Liner That Keeps Food Fresh & Crisp

    Our handy fridge foam liner is here to make your life easier! No more rotten fruit, no more spoilage, no more high grocery bills!

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  • Foam Fridge Liner

Searching for a way to keep your produce longer, but you don't feel like spending time choosing the best variant? You don't have to, we have done it for you!

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    Allows air to circulate freely

    to retain crispness, juiciness, and flavor of food.

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    No more nasty smell in the fridge

    Absorbs moisture, preventing the build-up of mold, odors, and bruising.

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    Drying freshly washed produce

    Fits conveniently alongside the sink to absorb the excess moisture from freshly washed produce.

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    Can be cut to size to fit underneath cabinets, drawers and boxes.

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    Washing and drying easily and repeatedly.

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    No-questions asked money back guaranteed.

  • Free Air Circulation

    By allowing air in your refrigerator to circulate around your fruits and veggies, these foam liners help keep produce fresher and crisper for longer, reducing rotting and spoilage.

  • Drying freshly washed produce

    This high-performance mat absorbs excess moisture from freshly washed produce and provides a cushion for delicate produce and fruit to help prevent bruising.

  • Can be Cut to Size

    Our remarkable foam fridge liner can be trimmed down to fit any size of refrigerator drawer. So, don’t worry if your drawer is smaller. And if it’s bigger you ask? Since we include 4 mats in the package, you can easily adjust two of them in order to cover the whole drawer.

  • It’s easy to wash and maintain.

    All you need is soap and your mat will be as good as new! You can easily wash it, any time you want!

  • Turn a Boring Fridge Into a Flashy One

    Your fridge isn't just a closet for food—it’s a source of good mood for you. The days of the boring refrigerator are gone and our mats can to help you with this. The grass green and lemon yellow colours of the mats, will make your drawers look picturesque and natural!

  • Size, quantity and materials matter.

    Its material is 100% food grade and no chemicals are added during production, so you can be sure that your fruit and veggies are 100% safe!

  • Obvious result

    No more odors, mold and bruising. No more musty smell in the fridge. Food will stay fresh for longer, spoilage will be cut to a minimum and you save a bunch of money on grocery bills! That’s the prefect triple-threat!

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